HP release 5th firmware update for the Elite X3

Kudos to HP for their continued efforts to improve the Elite x3 handset.
As most Windows 10 Mobile fans will tell you, 3rd party manufacturers do not have a good track record for supporting their handsets once released.
But HP, it seems, is different. As well as announcing some accessories recently (Barcode reader and POS solution) for the handset, todays firmware update (it’s fifth release) is now available and there is even a changelog to go with it !! 

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Microsoft Remote Desktop App Updated – Now supports concurrent sessions

The Microsoft Remote Desktop App (UWP), was updated today.

Version notes

Version 952:

• Added support for multiple concurrent sessions
• Added support to dynamically update the remote resolution on app resize
• Some display settings are now configurable per connection
• Added support for assigning desktops to custom groups
• Added a setting to prevent the screen from turning off while in session
• Feed items are now in the proper folder defined by the admin
• Added copy/paste of images and objects to/from the session
• Improved touch input
• Added support for additional mouse buttons
• Performance improvements
• Bug fixes

Go grab it here : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/microsoft-remote-desktop/9wzdncrfj3ps

Samsung Gear S3 – First Look

My Samsung Gear S3 arrived yesterday and while I haven’t had enough time to review the device yet, I can say I’m mightily impressed with the build quality.

Here are some pictures of it:

Nicely designed box

Here is the S3 in all it’s glory

Straps are easy to swap thanks to the quick release pins

It is a beautifully designed device

Everything in the box

Close up

Side view


darn, need to charge it up !

Ahhhh, powered on and with the rubber strap


Can’t search in Windows Store

The latest build of Windows 10 Mobile (14364) seems to have a bug where we can’t search in the store.

I’m sure this will get fixed in the next few days but in the meantime here are two ‘get arounds’ for the issue.

  1. When typing, use word flow instead of typing the letters individually.
  2. Use a url instead. Try something like AppRaisin to search for your app and link directly to it in the store.

Here’s a quick video showing the problem and the temporary fixes.


Hope this helps someone.

Bye for now.