Buy One Get One Offer for Lumia 950xl back on in Canada

The Microsoft store Canada is once again offering the buy one (950XL) get one (950) on the Lumia Windows Phone.


Currently the 950XL is $849 on the store but right now you can also get the 950 for free (currently priced at $749).

If you were in the market for Lumia 950 now might be the time pick one up for yourself. If you sell the other handset you could get yourself a bargain.

Bear in mind you can pickup the 950XL for $200 cheaper at and the 950 is $300 cheaper there too but that without the free handset.

Oooh choices, choices….but it’s anything like last time, you had better decide fast because the offer is likely to end soon.


Although the offer does come with a year of office 365 personal, the free dock offer has stopped. So if you want to take advantage of dtheday fantastic continum feature you’ll have to pay out another $100.

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